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Generate predictable returns from clean local infrastructure assets

Whether you’re a family office, pension fund, insurance company or large infrastructure investor, bullfinch offers a state of the art investment platform that enables you to invest in a new asset class projected to grow by 700% until 2050 (IRENA).

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We only invest into clean energy assets.

Capital preservation

All of our investments are backed by real assets.

Long term investment

Generating recurring cashflows for 10-20 years.

Inflation protection

Inflation resistant assets for our investors.

Security and predictability

Highly fragmented, highly diversified portfolios.
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Bullfinch works with various investor types

Family Offices

An investment opportunity for family offices to fight climate change

By investing in our portfolios, you will support efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. Local energy generation and consumption reduces infrastructure costs (e.g. transmission lines) and increases the efficacy of local economies.

Our portfolio structure enables a high level of liquidity. We experience high demand in our assets with a great likelihood for a secondary market. In addition, our portfolios have at least semiannual liquidity windows.

Infrastructure Funds

Enabling infrastructure funds to participate in decentralized energy sector growth

We are pooling green energy asset classes into high volume investment portfolios to give big funds the ability to invest into a niche market without costs of micro asset management.

Due to high market entry barriers and hence less competition, we are able to generate higher returns on our portfolios.

Energy & Utilities

Participate in the decentralized energy market

The decentralized energy market is growing rapidly and we can help you expand your service offering to your customers or even accelerate your sales in this sector

In addition, you can choose to simply invest in one of our portfolios. Thereby, you can participate in this market and hedge any potential developments that will reduce your core business.

Pension Funds & Insurers

A secure investment opportunity for pension funds and insurances

Our portfolios generate stable cash flows over a period of up to 20 years and are backed by real assets. Therefore, we can offer attractive long term investments that are ESG compliant.

Furthermore, the investments benefit from inflation protection since the underlying assets are based on electricity, which is a commodity and are real assets.

Real Estate Funds

Upgrade your real estate portfolio with ESG compliant assets

In the near future, real estate properties without decentralized clean energy systems will decrease in value. Presently, renters are already willing to pay a premium for properties that achieve ESG goals.

One option to improve the value of your portfolio in this sense is to invest in our solutions. In addition, you can also partner with us and discuss a program to upgrade your properties without the need to increase your capital.

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Making decentralized energy investable

Investing at scale into highly fragmentend micro assets is difficult. Well, not anymore.

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Our proprietary platform enables us to pool fragmented micro assets into large portfolios

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We reduce operational costs through state of the art technologies

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We automate risk analysis and reporting down to the end customer’s assets

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With the help of machine learning, risk analysis becomes more robust

Secure high ROIs and benefit from inherently low risk profiles

By investing into our portfolios, you’re not only supporting our efforts to fight climate change, but you can also generate attractive ROIs.

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Increasing demand

Real estate investors can realize higher rents for properties equipped with decentralized energy systems. Customer demand is increasing.

Low risk

Our portfolios consist of thousands of customers, diversifying the risk across varying profiles. In addition, the underlying core product, electricity, is a commodity and has low exposure to inflationary pressure.

High returns

Bullfinch’s capabilities cannot be easily reproduced by other market players, which enables us to offer higher returns for our investors.

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