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bullfinch - the catalyst for local clean energy

Investing in local clean energy infrastructure used to be hard, making institutional investors reluctant to deploy capital in residential and commercial clean energy assets.

Bullfinch changes this dynamic by leveraging its clean-energy-as-a-service technology platform to bring together clean energy project developers, investors, and lenders.

Find out more by talking to us and let's explore how we can work together.

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OUr focus

We specialize in clean energy project financing with a focus on local energy systems that achieve ESG goals for real estate owners and tenants

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Energy Generation

Harnessing energy via solar PV, thermal, heat pumps, or fuel cells.

Energy Storage

Systems to store energy for residential and commercial scale use cases.

Clean Mobility

Local charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Smart Buildings

IoT sensors to monitor and manage clean energy assets.

Why invest in local clean energy portfolios with bullfinch?

The local energy market is growing rapidly every year. With bullfinch, institutional investors can now participate in the growth of this industry and invest in previously inaccessible opportunities.

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Skin in the game

We are investing our own equity in the opportunities that we identify. We invite you to tag along and support the projects with your funding as well.

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The future is decentralized

The socio-economic shift to local energy is unstoppable. Bullfinch enables you to support and benefit from this mega-trend.

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Standardized portfolios

Top-notch financial engineering, linked with legal expertise and a tech-enabled infrastructure makes the investment a no-brainer.

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Fully ESG compliant

Environmental, social and governmental compliance is ensured with our investment portfolios.

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State of the art tech infrastructure

Through bullfinch’s smart tech-infrastructure, large scale investing into decentralized assets becomes possible for the first time in human history.

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Transparent risk management

Providing you with the best risk-return ratio is our core service. Once your capital is deployed, lean back and watch it grow.

What our clients say

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The challenge of decarbonizing our economy requires a burst of technological creativity and significant capital investment across every sector. Bullfinch, by offering an attractive, yet technology agnostic ecosystem for cleantech companies, financing partners, end users, project developers and real estate owners alike, is just in the middle of this revolution.“

Juana Maria Sacristan
Managing Director at MOMENI Group

Climate change, decarbonization of buildings and the expansion of renewable infrastructure will only have an impact on our planet once we make those assets affordable for billions of SMEs, commercial buildings and households globally. Bullfinch as the fastest growing neo asset manager in Europe is taking a leading role to accelerate this long overdue climate responsibility to redesign the financial industry.

Simon D. Bartmann
Executive Director at EWE AG

"Our partnership with bullfinch has been efficient, goal oriented and very professional. Despite very tight deadlines, the bullfinch team was able to quickly organize our joint work efforts and there were no delays. We enjoyed working with bullfinch!"

Philipp Rass,
Assistant to the Management at
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